Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tangs Gohan Japanese restaurant

Every day when I'm at work, at some point in the morning my thoughts will turn to one big question: What am I gonna have for lunch? This usually begins at 11am (but has been known to start a lot earlier), and by 12 o'clock my tummy is rumbling and if I have the time to go out of the office for a proper hour long lunch break it is a good day indeed. I am lucky enough to work in the city centre so have plenty of places to choose from. Recently I met my gentleman friend for such a lunch and I decided I would like to have sushi. We decided to go Tangs, on Candlemaker Row. It is right by the wee dug Bobby so super convenient for a city lunch break.

It was a pretty quiet lunchtime, with a table of people just leaving and two other couples there. With no one around to show us to a table, we seated ourselves by the window and picked up a menu ourselves. The (very nice) server apologetically came over after about 5 minutes and cleaned the table but the service didn't really pick up from there and it was another 10 minutes before our order was taken. Not the longest wait I'd ever had but considering it was a lunch break visit, it seemed like a quite a while. But never mind, there was a good selection on the menu so I had my usual indecision to keep me occupied when there are too many delicious things to choose from.

Japanese green tea

The menu had a good variety and included some local meats - grilled Scottish sirloin beef in the yakiniku, local mackerel in the yakisaba (sprinkled with sea salt). There were lunchtime faves teriyaki and katsu curry (both £7.50) and I was quite tempted by the noodles too - udon with tofu in miso soup for £6.95. The bento boxes also looked good too but with the prices starting from £9.50, they were a little bit more than I wanted to spend for lunch. On the more unusual side of the menu there was grilled miso black cod and the miso chashu ramen also available but the sushi was too tempting for us.

Seabass, salmon, tuna nigri sushi

Salmon and avocado maki rolls

We decided upon some classics to share - salmon and avocado maki rolls (£4.50 for 6), salmon, seabass and tuna sushi (£3-3.75 for 2 pieces) and pork gyoza (£5.50 for 5). The kitchen lagged behind along with the service and we waited a good 20 minutes for our food. For a relatively quiet lunchtime this was not impressive. The sushi did make up for it though - good sized maki rolls, super fresh fish, it was soft and velvety and delicious. The gyoza was served with a vingar dipping sauce and were filled simply with minced pork and had a good flavour. The skins did seem to fall apart on contact with chopsticks but were still had a bit of crispness to them.

Pork gyoza

I would visit again but it's a little bit on the pricey side for a regular lunch. I'm looking forward to trying some takeaway or sitting down to a sushi platter when I have a longer than usual lunch break. They also have sushi classes on a Sunday morning which sound interesting too. Just need to get myself a very tall hat first...