Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cafe Piccante - disco chippy with deep fried Mars Bars!

Broughton Street is a bit of a foodie's haven - there are some lovely places to eat, some great places to drink, Real Foods, Crombies and various delis. But I have a confession to make: there is a place at the top of Broughton Street which I have never been into sober. I'd be surprised if half the people there in the evening are sober. This place of which I speak is also known as the Disco Chippy and here's why:

Piccante is an amazing place to go on a boozy night out. It's full of people, noise, IT HAS A DJ THERE (I can't get over how brilliant this is), the smell of chippy sauce and has plenty of good chippy grub to tempt you. Not only do they sell fifteen different forms of chips, ribs, pizza, kebabs and have a low fat fish special cooked in foil with olive oil, onion, peppers and tomatoes, they have a fish and chips deal which comes with wine or beer - pure class.

On a night out recently, I gave in to an altogether more unwholesome temptation. I don't quite know what came over me, other than morbid curiosity combined with booze fuelled bravado. Oh and this neon sign:

Even the smiley face doesn't look too happy...

So for £1.50 you can try a deep fried Mars Bar with two scoops of powdery white ice cream. The ice cream is that kind of awful-but-you-can't-stop-eating-it and as for the deep fried Mars Bar - well, it tasted as good as it looked.

Maybe if I'd seen it first, I wouldn't have ordered it! I could manage about two bits before the sickly sweet greasiness overwhelmed, and just ate the rest of the ice cream which was not a wise move - it just made that greasy feeling linger a little longer. But hey, it was an experience! Not one I would recommend necessarily, but I'm glad in a culinary adventure type of way that I tried it at least. That's what I told myself the next day when I had a sore tummy anyway. Piccante chippy is all kinds of ace though and they do home delivery too, but a disco chippy is surely best experienced on a night out.


Katey said...

Looking back at this picture, it looks like a very unhappy face.

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