Monday, 27 September 2010

Our Weekend Adventure: Isle of Eigg

I didn't do any baking this week, I was super busy going out and putting on a gig and then on Friday headed off to the Isle of Eigg for the Fence Collective's Away Game. It was all kinds of awesome - the bands were amazing, views were stunning and everyone was incredibly friendly. Neither of us had been to a Scottish island before, or been camping for a long time so it was a pretty big adventure for us.

We took a giant bag full of food and booze, but nothing could compare to one of the loveliest breakfasts I've ever had at the Eigg Tea Room. Hot bacon rolls, brown sauce, coffee, water, some fruit - pure hangover food heaven.

There was also no need to bring along the blackberries as there were brambles everywhere.

We had to leave on the Sunday so we could get back to Edinburgh for stupid work on Monday but it was heavenly to sleep in my warm comfy bed after two nights of freezing camping. We managed to stop off for some of the best fish & chips I've ever had at Spean Bridge. All sense of proportion is lost in this photo but it was huge, freshly cooked with amazing chips.

A fantastic weekend with so many great people and experiences, I feel very lucky indeed. This week is all about the detox and then back to baking on the weekend. I'm just going to look at these pictures and think about breathing in the beautiful cold crisp fresh air.


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