Thursday, 10 March 2011

Port of Siam Thai restaurant

Port of Siam opened across from Newhaven Harbour last year and has a growing reputation as a truly authentic Thai place. Given it's location and size (seating about 30), it's very much a local restaurant but with it's emphasis on fresh seafood in both contemporary and traditional Thai dishes, it's worth travelling out for - especially in the upcoming summer when it's setting right by the harbour will come into it's own.

The menu has tapas style dishes for starters or to build your own meal, which for those who want to try a bit of everything works very well, alongside larger dishes of traditional Thai like red and green curries and tom yum soup and contemporary dishes such as Thai style duck in tamarind sauce and steak with a spicy whisky and ginger sauce. Their seafood specialties incorporate the best from the area and include oysters, curried lobster pie, and steamed salmon or seabass with Thai spices and grilled giant U5 prawns. There's such a variety on the menu that it can pretty much cater to everyone without seeming as though they're catering to Western tastes like other Thai places in town.

On our latest visit, I ordered four small dishes of prawn cakes, chicken satay, squid tempura and scallops which was the perfect amount for me. The prawn cakes and chicken satay are pretty standard choices but in Port of Siam's hands, they are made special. There were 3 small prawn cakes, juicy and bursting with fresh corianders and the marinated chicken was served with the tastiest spicy peanut dipping sauce I've had for a long time. Squid tempura had a gorgeously light batter that melted in the mouth and the scallops were delicately cooked and served on black pudding with crispy sweet basil. It was a classic combination of textures and flavours with a spicy Thai twist.

My dining companion decided on the traditional chicken pad thai, beautifully served on a banana leaf with sticky noodles, tender chicken, crushed peanuts, plenty of fresh garlic and chilli and the vegetables retaining their bite - expertly cooked with all the flavours sealed in. It was a great version of the classic sweet and spicy dish, the blend of textures and spices were perfect and left us craving more. 

They have recently become fully licensed and the wine list is of a reasonable price. Dessert options are pretty standard mango sorbet, banana fritters, rice pudding type - it would be great to see the same kind of imagination in their menu put to their dessert menu too as it could be a spectacular combination but no matter - it's not something that would put me off.  Port of Siam is the perfect local restaurant - chic but with a warm atmosphere, and meals served with style. There are lunch and tapas specials available so look at their facebook page until their website becomes live.

Port of Siam
3 Pier Place
Open Tuesday to Sunday 

Port Of Siam on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your positive and most comprehensive comments. We are delighted with your review, and look forward to seeing you again soon.


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