Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Holidays: Cakes from afar - Greens & Co

I've been neglecting my blog somewhat as I'm on my holidays in Australia for a few weeks. Whilst I'm enjoying the sunshine and not being at work, I have still been consuming my regulation amount of cake and faithfully producing photographic documentation - I'm not the only one that comes back from holidays with a lot of photos of food am I?

I recently visited a cake shop just outside of Perth called Greens and Co. It had elements to it that I couldn't stand - the staff were too cool to serve you, broken video games being used as decoration, 'ironic' pictures of royalty, coffee served in ikea glasses with no handles... but that holiday feeling has kicked right in because I didn't really mind at all - I loved it, it was beautiful, relaxed, a great space and the cakes were amazing.  

There were about 20 different cakes on offer, and it was so difficult to choose! From a delicious looking marshmallow raspberry cake, a more unusual mulberry tart and classics such as chocolate fudge cake and apple pie, nearly every cake fetish was catered for. I ended up deciding on the honeycomb brulee tart, which was a silky vanilla cream with chunks of sticky crunchy syrupy honeycomb on top. It was heavenly. Of course there are pictures, and of the other cakes as well to lament the missed opportunities of trying them all. And yes, it is slightly sad having photos of cake amongst the holiday snaps but I love taking the memory of food with me and frankly I don't care!