Sunday, 15 May 2011

Word of Mouth Cafe Grand Bake Off and Red Velvet Cake

This Saturday I went to Word of Mouth Cafe off Leith Walk for an old-fashioned cake bake off.  I'd read about the event in an Edinburgh weekend events mailshot and as it's somewhere I'd wanted to go for a while this seemed like the ideal opportunity to visit.  I love the idea of a baking competition and frankly I am happy to take any opportunity to make a cake for others!  I tried to discover more details about the event but only found out the barest of details: bring along a cake, have some free summer cup punch and win a £30 voucher and some baking goodies if your cake wins.  I don't think they did justice to themselves with that description though - it was a really lovely event.  There were delicious red and white wine punches that the Word of Mouth ladies constantly topped up, made with fruit and fresh mint.  There was a piping demonstration and little piping practice plates.  And there was lots of cake chat and board games - it was a delightful way to spend a sunny Saturday evening. 

I wanted to make a red velvet cake and after a bit of dithering and looking at various recipes I decided to make the Joy of Baking's version. A lot of recipes I found were for three layer cakes and I didn't want to make a monster of a cake so this was a perfect two layer size.  I wanted to have a nice thick layer of cream cheese and berries and the entire cake fully covered with beautiful white icing so that the berry-filled bright red cake would be a surprise.  The recipe called for 2 tablespoons of red colouring, but I had some red food dye gel and used 1 tablespoon of that which made the cake was a vivid (quite blood-like!) red.  

The icing used was a mix of cream cheese, marscarpone and whipped cream which resulted in a very soft creamy topping.  I was pretty happy with how the cake turned out although I would recommend brightly coloured berries placed on top of a white cake be thoroughly dried after washing - there was a little bit of blackberry juice dripping down the cake by the time it got to Word of Mouth!

There were seven cakes entered into the competition and we tried a piece of each, judging them based on prettiness, yumminess and overall greatness.  I was particularly taken with the fudgy chocolate and red wine cake and the beautifully shiny chocolate orange cake had to win my vote for prettiest cake.  The overall winner though was.... me!  I was totally thrilled to win and am hugely looking forward to going to Word of Mouth to spend my £30 voucher. They had a delicious looking selection of homemade cakes and traybakes themselves and some tasty sounding mezze dishes.  

Word of Mouth also have a cookery evening event happening on Friday 20 May - French Granny's cookery secrets which sounds utterly charming.  Next stop for cakey times in Edinburgh: Clandestine Cake on Tuesday, 17 May. And then the Taste festival in July.  Plenty to keep us Edinburgh foodies going!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, we do have a website though, it is Looking forward to seeing you when you come to spend your voucher. X

Word of Mouth cafe

Lynn said...

Looking forward to see you at Clandestine Cake Club on 17th May. Happy Baking

Katey said...

Oops sorry Kirstie, I couldn't find it! I've amended the blog post now.

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I'm so impressed that you made those from scratch! I hardly do that anymore and I need to get back to it. They look so good! Thanks for sharing :)

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