Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Candy Cupcake, Marchmont

There's another cupcake shop in town and this time, it's not all about the cake.  Candy Cupcake opened in June near the top of Marchmont Crescent and sell a huge range of pretty much everything sweetie-related. There's a real variety on offer, from gourmet chocolates and marshamallows to soft Italian nougat to juice flavoured lollies - homemade in wee tins. They have sourced some real finds from around the UK and among the wide selection available there are retro sweets from Hope and Greenwood, some very fancy Rococo chocolates, plenty of old-fashioned favourites like flying saucers, lovehearts, fairy floss, popping candy and sherbert fountains and rows and rows any boiled sweetie you can think of. The front of the shop has a selection of Stewart Tower Dairy ice cream and a row of pick-n-mix, along with a gift and party section with cards, party favours, gift wrap and baking accessories. 
Burgh Bakes gourmet marshmallows
Top picks for me would have to be the flavoured gourmet marshmallows from local company Burgh Bakes - I bought the cherry and chocolate flavour and it really surprised me how flavoursome these homemade marshmallows were. They were incredibly easy to eat! I loved the jars of Scarlet Bakes cookie and brownie mixes too - colourful layers of baking ingredients beautifully presented which would make a perfect gift for a baker. They also stock American favourite Marshmallow Fluff which I'm quite partial to and is hard to find around Edinburgh.

Chocolate cupcake
On top of all this there are the cupcakes and traybakes which are hidden near the back. These are all made on the premises and, when I visited mid-afternoon, there were only a few chocolate and lemon flavoured cupcakes left. They're baked fresh daily so get them while you can. The chocolate cupcake I tried was good and I'm a bit surprised the baking isn't more to the forefront, however there's so much on offer here it's a well recommended place to visit. Candy Cupcake will definitely fix any sweetie craving you may be having.

Scarlet Bakes cookie and brownie mixes

Rococo chocolates
Homemade lollipops
Rococo soft Italian nougat and flying saucers!


Anonymous said...

yeay love this shop!!!

James @ Marchmont said...

Cute shop the cupcakes are lovely try the vanilla, today I had the chocalate and nutella it was very moist and delicious. Get in quick as they sell out very quickly, great article!!

Anonymous said...

....probably the best Cupcake shop in the world!!

Monica said...

Adorable and delicious need more than one visit to take in everything.......loving the jewellery, the chocolate earings are lovely and calorie free, also got the dolly mixture necklace.....note to self not to eat it!

Made With Pink said...

Wow, that place looks so cute! Love all the variety of things you can get there!

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