Monday, 19 September 2011

Best Burger Quest - The Roseleaf

I've written of my love of the Roseleaf Bar before, in particular their excellent brunches and cocktails. They also have a really appealing teatime menu as well, plenty of fresh local produce and written in Leither chat. There's a lot of interesting flavour combinations in traditional dishes and so it's not the type of place I'd normally go to and order a hamburger, nor were they on my radar for burger excellence. But sometimes you just find awesome when you're least expecting it and this was one of the tastiest burgers I've had in absolutely ages. Their Royale with Cheese (£9) is made with their own blend of beef and pork belly and served in slices of homemade grilled onion bread with melted mature cheddar cheese - it was too tempting to resist. Additions to the burger fur a quid are smokey bacon and Stornoway black pudding and I decided to have some bacon as well. The resulting hamburger was a super tall burger, with a huge juicy burger, thick streak of bacon, melty cheese and tomato relish pinned together between toasted savoury slices. 

The real star is the meat patty which is tenderly delicious, with the mix of beef with the pork belly making it extra juicy and flavoursome. The bacon adds a smokey element and the simplicity of the burger really allowed all the tastes to shine through. It was a quite drippy burger but not greasy and you'll have to not mind getting your mush a bit grubby. The burger is served with a fresh salad and sautéed potatoes - no chips! Having said that the potatoes were fried crispy delicious on the outside and but still soft creamy inside and were a good substitute. The quality of the meat and other ingredients combined with homemade bread and tasty tatties really made this a wonderful burger and I was seriously impressed.

Now, what goes better with a hamburger than a milkshake? I opted for one of the Roseleaf's dessert cocktails instead of a pudding- a Sweet-Tail (all £6). The Roseberry is an adult strawberry milkshake with a waft of rose... and a very strong hit of rum, so like they say, nae pups for this milkshake! It was perhaps a tiny bit too alcoholic for my tastes but there were still definable flavours in there and I certainly enjoyed it plenty! My experience at the Roseleaf has shown me that the best burgers are out there even when you're not expecting to find them... so I shall just have to keep eating them.


Jemma said...

That burger looks fantastic! Last time I got a burger from The Rose Leaf it wasn't a patch on that. Think I'm going to have to go and re-investigate, num!

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