Thursday, 16 August 2012

Salted Caramel & Cocoa Nib Brownies

Last time I visited London I was very lucky that one of my best pals knows me oh so well bought me a wee treat in the form of Paul A Young's salted caramel, cocoa nib and white chocolate brownie.  Put simply, it was damn fine - the best brownie I'd ever eaten.  The flavour was intense, with the sweetness of the caramel offset with a slight saltiness and an ever so slightly bitter crunch from the cocoa nibs adding some contrast to the 70% cocoa dark chocolate.  The texture was dense, fudgy and supremely gooey.  It was so rich that I could only have tiny amounts at a time - a quarter here, a nibble there until the sad time when it was all gone.
Cocoa nibs from Coco Chocolate

I thought of this brownie wistfully from time to time, as one does when one thinking of a lost love nostalgically.  "That brownie was the best.  I wish I could get my brownies that gooey.  I wish they'd open a shop in Edinburgh," I'd think whilst munching other brownies which, whilst tasty, weren't quite the same.   Recently I happened to pop into Coco Chocolate on Broughton Street and found some cocoa nibs for sale.  Straight away, I knew I had to try get them and replicate this brownie - it was my new baking mission.  

My version - heavy with salted caramel and nibs

But how to make these brownies?  How to get them so fudgy?  Well, I googled Paul A Young and salted caramel brownies and whaddyaknow - someone had already had pretty much these self same thoughts.  Reason #86 why I love the internet.  The rather beautiful Poires au Chocolat blog has posted a recipe for Paul A Young's super duper dense brownie and a salted dry caramel to pour over the top and I am forever grateful.  She has also made the genius suggestion of freezing these brownies which suits them perfectly, seeing as they're so rich they'll last a really long time that way (for which my teeth will be forever grateful).  I would absolutely recommend making these for a special treat and if you're able to resist eating the lot, you'll get to enjoy these from the freezer for a long time too, so visit Poires au Chocolat for the recipe


Chiara said...

They sound incredible. I must make some soon!

Victoria said...

i love when things like this work out xx yum yum

Marianthi said...

New obsession! I'm on the hunt for cocoa nibs and then this is gonna be MINE. MIIIIIINE! xx

Katey said...

Chiara - they're super yummy but totally not diet-friendly (obviously!) I'll bring you a wee piece when we catch up maybe?

Victoria - Yep, I was super chuffed to find the Paul A Young recipe, has inspired me to buy the book!

Marianthi - cocoa nibs are totally my new obsession! I'll bet Annie knows where to get some from, she gave me some a few years ago.

thelittleloaf said...

Oh wow, your brownies look amazing! I've yet to try one of Paul's, but I do have his book - planning to make some this weekend now (if I can wait that long).

Katey said...

I've just bought his book - it was the salted pecan praline truffles that made it for me! Hope you enjoy the brownies :-)

Caroline Ryan said...

Can anyone tell me about its sugar content? This one looks really irresistible but I can't have too much sugar since I'm still pregnant.

Amelia Frost said...

Do you have the recipe for your own version? I would love to try this at home. I've been craving since the caterers in my sister's wedding served this for dessert. I only had three bite-sized pieces.

Sarah Rogers said...

That looks delicious! I think they are selling this kind of goods in our place especially our bakeshop. Though I think, I should try your own version of brownies cause it does looks good and yummy!

Mia Gibson said...

Those brownies look delish and tasty: good thing I’ve already bought kitchenware, I can already bake cookies and try this brownie recipe! I just can’t wait to try working with my new tools and of course to try this new recipe!

Evan Lucas said...

I always have a hard time in baking brownies; some would turn brittle and does not maintain its shape. This Salted Caramel & Cocoa Nib Brownie looks delish and again I’m tempted to try this one, good thing my baking utensils are now complete, I can definitely work on this brownie and try it to be not a fail this time.

Eve Chambers said...

It never crossed my mind that salt can complement caramel. I hope that I can emulate your work, and to make my brownie fudgy too.

Maya Holmes said...

This is an interesting mix of ingredients. It's definitely a must-bake, thanks for the interesting recipe.

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