Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Best Burger Quest: Burger, Fountainbridge

Excuse me whilst I blow away the cobwebs and tumbleweeds from this here blog... it has been sorely neglected but it was good to have a bit of a break from writing about food and taking photos of everything that I eat (which is surely what Instagram has now evolved into - mini food blogs for all!).  A recent visit to Burger in Fountainbridge reminded me of the Best Burger quest on the blog, basically an excuse to try lots of different places in Edinburgh and order the burger.  No need for pretence at Burger - it's all in the name.  Their burgers are excellent and well worth writing about. 

Burger has obviously been taking notes from its US contemporaries as the beef burgers are served classic US-style: very juicy meat with minimal fuss filling of tomato, pickle and their own burger sauce on a brioche bun (£3.95).  Classic and delicious.  The chips are also excellent, crisp and not cut too thinly (£1.95).  What really sets Burger apart is the range of their menu.  Along with the standard hamburger/cheese/bacon set up, their other standard burger is a chicken katsu burger which is a great change to the usual chicken breast in a bun deal (£4.95).  It's a panko crusted minced chicken, roast garlic and spring onion burger with katsu sauce and wasabi mayo.  It is perhaps not as crispy crumbed as I expected it to be but it was a big bite of saucy burger goodness.   The veggie burger made from roast chickpeas, beetroot and tempah which makes a nice change from the falafel variety (£4.95).  In addition to their regular menu is a changing weekly specials menu, where Burger staff play around with burger creations to make some truly delicious combinations.  On my visit they had Any Port In A Storm (£6.25), a beef burger with Stilton cheese, port glaze, apple chutney and Mexican Black Bean Burger (£5.95), a veggie burger with black beans, Mexican spices, peppers and chipotle coleslaw.  As exciting as these sounded, I wanted to try the classics first so just ordered a cheeseburger and chicken burger.  They really didn't disappoint and have gone on to join the top league of Edinburgh's best burgers for sure.  I can't wait to visit again and see what else they come up with.  

To finish off, you can have an ice cream rich shake (£2.95)or their own frozen custard ice cream.  I chose one of their special creations this time - Eat Yer Greens & Blues, a green tea ice cream with honeyed pistachios and blueberry sauce. It was divine - super creamy mild flavoured ice cream with a good crunch from the nuts and sweet blueberry sauce, not only that but brilliant value for £1.95.  Standard flavours of vanilla, chocolate and maple walnut all sound like excellent options, particularly with mix-ins of honeycomb, brownie or peanut butter.  

Burger are also child-friendly - I spied a number of high chairs and they have a kids menu too, for adults that don't fancy sharing.  A really nice addition to the Fountainbridge area and for burger lovers in Edinburgh!


Hilary Sturzaker said...

Top photos! Visited Burger the week before you, loved it too.

laurasmess.me said...

Hello there! This is my first visit to your blog (found via a search for "Edinburgh eats" as we're arriving in your hometown tonight... we're on a Eurotrip from Australia) and I'm loving the amazing reviews and recipes. It's going to be a great resource during our time in your city (planning to visit Burger tonight) and, after we leave, I am definitely going to make that gorgeous Snickers cheesecake! Thanks again and keep up the good work! Laura x

Ketchikan Fishing Charters Salmon said...

I love the combination. What a great idea! Looks and sounds delicious.

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