About Me

I'm Katey, a girl in Edinburgh who loves eating, drinking, baking, recipes and cookbooks - pretty much everything to do with food. I started this blog when I first moved here in 2010 as a way to remember and share my favourite places to go and to document my favourite bakes and recipes. I love living in Scotland and being able to support local restaurants and cafes, gourmet shops and artisan producers - one of the things I love about the city is the abundance of diverse local and independent eateries. 

I don't really have a method for reviewing restaurants but I generally write about places that I like and that I would like to know about if I were visiting this city. I also write a lot about cakes as I'm obsessed with baking. I tend to read cookbooks in my spare time and have a huge collection of them. Most of my recipes come from my favourite ones and there are some that I make up myself. 

If you think I should be writing about somewhere you think I should visit or need to bake because it's awesome, please feel free to let me know via comments or sending an email to edinburgheats@gmail.com.  Fair warning: I can be pretty slow at responding to emails due to having a Proper Job and am also not great at attending events due to being both lazy and a homebody.